Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Geoff and Julias winter wedding in Bristol

Photographing weddings here on my own turf is always a joy! Geoff and Julia's wedding was shared with a select group of close family and friends, an intimate and very special wedding. The ceremony was at Hotel Du Vin in Bristol, followed by a brisk (well it was cold!) walk around the docks, then on to The Old Passage Inn (a fantastic fish restaurant).

Winter weddings are however not without difficulty. This wedding took place at the beautiful Hotel Du Vin in the city centre. A great venue for a wedding but the dinning hall has no windows only lit by candle light. Armed with my new Nikon D700 (along with my usual D2x) I feel I really put it though it's paces with the challenge of photographing with so little light. My conclusion is that Nikon has yet again brought us an outstanding camera, even on film speeds as low as 3200 iso I was able to make images that will print up well.... (well see what you think...).

To Geoff and Julia: I trust you are having a great time away and I look forward very much to seeing you on your return , Morag x

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